MilkMate Cup Holders

Square peg, round hole?

MilkMate is the perfect traveling companion for milk or juice boxes.

Use MilkMate in your car or stroller.

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Rave Reviews for MilkMate says:

“Cartons of milk and drink boxes usually do not fit well in cup holders. Parents are well aware of this problem, as these are the types of drinks that they often pick up for their kids. You are left trying to hold onto the drink yourself until you get home or risk letting your child have control of it for the entire ride. Neither is a great option, in my experience.

“Fortunately, the MilkMate can quickly and easily provide a solution. This nifty little gadget fits into regular cup holders, but has a square top to hold straight edged beverage containers. Finally, I can drive home without having to delicately hold a drink box between my knees!”

Pam says:

“Love that it’s so versatile – most containers that can fit juice boxes/milk containers then do not fit into the round cup holders found in cars, strollers, etc. Brillian!”

Did you know Canada says:

“This is FANTASTIC! I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this before. I ALWAYS roll my eyes when my boys have chocolate milk from a drive through or something when we are on the road and they have no where to put it, makes me crazy!!

“I love their saying Square peg, round hole – so true!!

“My boys are huge on juice boxes too so this is just awesome, so glad I know about this product!!”

Kat’s Confessions says:

“That is an awesome product! I can’t tell you how many times I end up pushing a stroller with one hand while the other holds milk! Love it!”